标题:Industrie 4.0 Maturity Index: Managing the Digital Transformation of Companies


简介:This series comprises reports presenting the results of projects carriedout by the National Academy of Science and Engineering. The studiesare intended to provide informed assessments and future-orientedadvice for policymakers and society.Businesses and policymakers alike recognise the huge opportunitiesfor growth offered by digitalisation, interconnectedness andnew manufacturing technologies. Together, these phenomenaare driving new business models, sustainable and efficient use oflimited resources and the cost-effective production of highly customizableproducts. These developments are collectively referredto under the term “Industrie 4.0”, denoting an unprecedentedtransformation in industry, flexibility and agility





标题:Automation of the Ecodesign Process for Industry 4.0


简介:One of the key aspects of Industry 4.0 is high automation of various processes conducted through product lifecycle. In the article the authors consider the issue of final stages of product lifecycle and the automation of product assessment from ecological point-of-view in the context of Industry 4.0. The automation of product assessment is conducted by set of measures, calculated from special type of product model called Recycling Model of Product, that is also showed in the paper. The Recycling Model of Product and the assessment are conducted using dedicated module, operating in CAD 3D system environment. The assessment of example product is presented in the paper as well.

来源:会议录《Intelligent systems in production engineering and maintenance /》出版年:2019 533542 会议:International Conference on Intelligent Systems in Production Engineering and Maintenance会议日期:2018-09-17 分类号:TP18-532 ISBN9783319974897




标题:Industry 4.0 – Powering Ahead With Solid State Batteries

参考译名:工业4.0 时代推动固态电池大发展

简介:With the promise of greater operational efficiency, Industry 4.0 adoption continues to grow as companies use more IoT devices. This is expected to continue with analysts reporting rapid growth in Industry 4.0 and predicting it will reach approx. USD 155.30 billion by 2024. The main benefit of this connected ecosystem is the ability to access real-time data that can be used to improve operational efficiency. However, this brings its own challenges. All these devices have sensors that require efficient, safe powering—often in hostile locations. Let's look at how solid state batteries can meet this need and provide autonomous power to the various sensors used in Industry 4.0—even those in the most difficult environments.

来源:美国制造业网  2019/03/30




标题:Energy-Efficient Multi-Level Collaborative Optimization for Robotic Manufacturing Systems


简介:Aiming at the multi-level hierarchy framework of robotic manufacturing systems, how to realize a comprehensive energy-efficient optimization of the whole system is crucial to realize the sustainability of manufacturing. In this paper, the production-process oriented physical energy consumption model and digital model of industrial robots together with their interaction mechanisms are studied. Then, the concurrent assessment and evolution prediction approaches of robotic manufacturing systems are presented, as well as the collaborative optimization method based on knowledge evolution. Finally, a case study is implemented to verify the effectiveness of the proposed method.

来源:Procedia CIRP》年:2018,72 316321




标题:Cyber-Physical Manufacturing Metrology Model (CPM 3) – Big Data Analytics Issue

参考译名:网络物理制造计量模型(CPM 3)——大数据分析问题

简介:Internet of Things (IoT) is changing the world, and therefore the application of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) in manufacturing. As a paradigm based on the Internet, IoT utilizes the benefits of interrelated technologies/smart devices such as RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) and WSAN (Wireless Sensor and Actuator Networks) for the retrieval and exchange of information thus opening up new possibilities for integration of manufacturing system and its cyber representation through Cyber-Physical Manufacturing (CPM) model. On the other hand, CPM and digital manufacturing represent the key elements for implementation of Industry 4.0 and backbone for “smart factory” generation. Interconnected smart devices generate huge databases (big data), so that Cloud computing becomes indispensable tool to support the CPM. In addition, CPM has an extremely expressed requirement for better control, monitoring and data management. Limitations still exist in storages, networks and computers, as well as in the tools for complex data analysis, detection of its structure and retrieval of useful information. Products, resources, and processes within smart factory are realized and controlled through CPM model. In this context, our recent research efforts in the field of quality control and manufacturing metrology are directed to the development of framework for Cyber-Physical Manufacturing Metrology Model (CPM 3 ). CPM 3 framework will be based on: 1) integration of digital product metrology information obtained from big data using BDA (big data analytics) through metrology features recognition, and 2) generation of global/local inspection plan for CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine) from extracted information. This paper will present recent results of our research on CPM 3 – big data analytics issue.

来源:Procedia CIRP》年:2018,72 503508




标题:Opportunities of Digitalization for Productivity Management


简介:The increasing use of digital information and communication technologies in all areas of life - also referred to as digitalization - opens up new opportunities for handling and using information. Thus, also for productivity management in producing companies a wide range of opportunities is expected. For getting further and more detailed information on these expectations, 74 experts of the German metal and electrical industry have been queried in an online survey in 2017. Due to digitalization, the experts estimate an average increase of productivity until 2025 of 32%. This increase of productivity is enabled by a facilitated collection, distribution, analysis and usage of data. Furthermore, the impacts on human factors and the requirements for realizing the expected benefits were queried and are described in this contribution.

来源:会议录《Advances in human factors and systems interaction : 出版年:2019 321331 总页数:11会议:International Conference on Human Factors and Systems Interactions 举办日期:2018-07-21 分类号:TB18-532 ISBN9783319943336





标题:Horizon 2020 support to smart, green and integrated transport


简介:This report has been prepared as part of an interim evaluation of the Societal Challenge 4 (Smart, Green and Integrated Transport) for the European Commission and not for general publication. The information comes from a number of sources including an Internet based questionnaire, interviews with key stakeholders, a stakeholder hearing and the collecting of data (some of which were provided by the Commission). Comments from these sources are confidential and should not be able to be traced back to their owners or their organisations. Stakeholder views were only considered when they were also shared by the Expert Group and validated by other evidence to support this opinion. It is indicated in the text when this is not the case.

来源:EU 2019/02/22




标题:Will there ever be room for EVs in the German market?


简介:The last decade was meant to be a renaissance for German auto manufacturing. In 2009 Chancellor Angela Merkel announced that the government aimed to have 1 million electric vehicles (EVs) on German roads by 2020. It was an optimistic goal, and it will not be met. Though EV adoption doubled in 2017, only 290,571 electric or hybrid vehicles were registered in the country at the beginning of this year.

来源:汽车世界AW 2019225




标题:Mitsubishi Electric Develops Robust Sensing for Autonomous Driving


简介:TOKYO, February 13, 2019 – Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (TOKYO: 6503) announced today that it hasdeveloped sensing technology for highly accurate detection of vehicle perimeters even in dense fog or heavyrain. The technology is expected to enable autonomous-driving and driving-assistant systems to work stablyeven in rough weather, where the detection accuracy of conventional sensors tends to deteriorate significantly.

来源:Mitsubishi Electric




标题:Mitsubishi Electric Develops Super Compact Power Unit and High Power Density Electric Machine for Hybrid Electric Vehicle


简介:TOKYO, February 13, 2019 - Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (TOKYO: 6503) announced today that it has developed what is believed to be the world's smallest1 power unit for a two-motor hybrid electric vehicle (two inverters and one converter), measuring just 2.7 liters in volume, offering a world-leading 150 kVA/L power density. The motor also boasts top-class2 output-power density of 23 kW/L. Featuring an all-silicon-carbide (SiC) power semiconductor module, high-density packaging technology and an asymmetric rotor structure, Mitsubishi Electric's new power unit and motor will help to improve fuel efficiency while enabling flexible installations and more space for vehicle cabins.

来源:OKYO, February 13, 2019 - Mitsubishi Electric Corporation





标题:Nanofabrica announces commercial launch of micro-level 3D printing technology


简介:Nanofabrica, an Israel-based developer of precision additive manufacturing technologies, has announced the commercial launch of its micro-level resolution AM technology.

"To date, key AM platform developers have struggled to achieve a resolution under 50 microns, and the few micro-manufacturing AM technologies that exist are either extremely expensive in terms of machine and per-part costs, extremely slow, or have rigid size limitations," said Nanofabrica CEO Jon Donner.

Nanofabrica's patented process is based on Digital Light Processing (DLP), which is combined with adaptive optics to achieve repeatable micron levels of resolution. This tool in conjunction with an array of sensors allows for a closed feedback loop. And this is the first time that adaptive optics have been applied to AM technology, according to Nanofabrica.

来源:Mar 15, 2019  www.3ders.org/




标题:MIT uses fine-scale 3D bioprinting to grow highly uniform cell cultures with desired properties 


简介:Researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have used fine-scale 3D bioprinting to grow cells that are highly uniform in shape and size, and potentially with certain functions.

The system is developed by Filippos Tourlomousis, a postdoc at MIT's Center for Bits and Atoms, and six others at MIT and the Stevens Institute of Technology in New Jersey.

While ordinary 3D printing produces filaments as fine as 150 microns (millionths of a meter), Tourlomousis says, it's possible to get fibers down to widths of 10 microns by adding a strong electric field between the nozzle extruding the fiber and the stage on which the structure is being printed. The technique is called melt electrowriting.

来源:Mar 28, 2019




标题:Researchers use 3D printers to weave wearable electronics into clothing


简介:A team of Chinese researchers has developed a new technique to use 3D printers to bind the electronic materials to the clothing textiles and enable them to harvest biomechanical energy from human motion.

We used a 3D printer equipped with a home-made coaxial nozzle to directly print fibers on textiles and demonstrated that it could be used for energy-management purposes,” says senior author Yingying Zhang, a professor in the Department of Chemistry at Tsinghua University. “We proposed a coaxial nozzle approach because single-axial nozzles allow only one ink to be printed at a time, thus greatly restricting the compositional diversity and the function designing of printed architectures.”

来源:Mar 27, 2019




标题:Strengthening the connection between layers of FDM 3D printed objects with z-anchors

参考译名:用z形锚加强FDM 3D打印对象层间的连接

简介:We recently wrote about several projects that aim to increase the strength of 3D printed components. In November 2018, the “Father of RepRap,” Dr. Adrian Bowyer, demonstrated how hollow tubes could make 3D prints stronger. Later, Stefan Hermann at CNC Kitchen experimented with Smart Infill for stronger 3D prints.

来源:Mar 21, 2019




标题:A rheometry based calibration of a first-order DEM model to generate virtual avatars of metal Additive Manufacturing (AM) powders


简介:The technology of metal powder-bed Additive Manufacturing (AM) has been evolving rapidly over the last few years. Creating parts through additive manufacturing within acceptable tolerances for porosity, strength and roughness is contingent upon many process variables. One important factor is the ability to spread uniform layers of loose powder for a given thickness over a given coverage area. This is related to the angle of repose of the powder and its rheological behavior i.e., the flow or shear motion of the powder. As in the case of spreading which is essentially a shear flow under a load, in this work, a benchtop powder rheometer with the capabilities to study bulk flow performance of AM powders is utilized to characterize a metal AM powder. When used in tandem with powder dynamics modeling, the rheometer can provide the powder rheological parameters to quantify 'spreadability' i.e., the ease with which a powder will spread under a specified set of conditions. Powder dynamics modeling using the discrete element method (DEM) can simulate powder spreading and capture powder layer quality descriptions such as segregation, porosity and surface roughness but needs to account for true particle shapes and sizes. The requirement to simulate realistic particle shapes and sizes results in computationally expensive DEM simulations with millions of particles. This study is therefore directed towards modeling bulk powder performance and determining the minimum volume of powder to be simulated to understand its rheological properties. This work aims to calibrate a virtual media with monodispersed spherical particles against angle of repose and rheological properties of a real media made up of almost spherical particles and comparable sizes. This calibrated media, which is the "virtual avatar" of the real powder, is also tested for rheological properties at varying load conditions and can further be made available to study the 'spreadability' of AM powders. The model compares well with published results for a benchmark granular media (2 mm glass beads) and has moderate accuracy for in-house experiments on a well-known AM powder (100 250 m Ti-6Al-4V). CPU-based serial computing is used for modeling around 8000 2 mm glass beads and subsequently, significantly faster CPU-based parallel computing is used to model 1.3 million 250 mu m Ti-6Al-4V powder. (C) 2018 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

来源:出处:《Powder Technology: An International Journal on the Science and Technology of Wet and Dry Particulate Systems》年:2019,342 441456 ISSN0032-5910












标题:MIT develops Aguahoja, programmable water-based biocomposites for digital fabrication


简介:Researchers at the Mediated Matter Group at MIT Media Lab have created Aguahoja, a collection of natural artifacts that were digitally designed and robotically fabricated from the molecular components found in trees, insect exoskeletons, apples and bones. It uses natural ecosystems as inspiration for a material production process that produces no waste. Cellulose, chitosan, pectin and calcium carbonate are combined and compounded with high spatial resolution over material tunability producing biodegradable composites with mechanical, chemical and optical functional properties across length scales ranging from millimeters to meters. These water shaped skin-like structures (‘hojas’) are designed and manufactured as if they were grown: no assembly is required.

来源:Mar 25, 2019  www.3ders.org/




标题:Lithium-Ion adoption gains momentum and heralds a new era in availability and efficiency


简介:The pace with which Lithium-ion battery powered forklift trucks are gaining market traction has taken many by surprise. With almost half of all respondents to a recent survey undertaken by Sapio Research – on behalf of Jungheinrich UK -– confirming they would consider retrofitting this technology to existing equipment, a serious shift in attitude is occurring. Steve Richmond, Director – Logistics Systems, Jungheinrich UK, discusses the uptime and availability demands created by 24x7 operations, and the way in which companies are now considering the total lifetime cost, as well as opportunities to improve efficiency through innovations in charging models, when making strategic investment decisions.

来源:全球制造业杂志  2019/03/29





标题:Studies on Titanium Alloys for Aerospace Application


简介:Since the development of the Ti54M titanium alloy in 2003, its application within the aerospace sector has gradually increased due to the combination of properties such as improved forgeability and machinability, low flow stress at elevated temperatures, and superplastic characteristics. However, for the successful exploitation of Ti54M a comprehensive understanding of its mechanical characteristics, microstructure stability, and superplastic behaviour is required. The superplastic forming of titanium alloys is characterised by high deformation at slow strain rates and high temperatures which influence the material microstructure, and in turn, determine the forming parameters. These mechanisms make the prediction of the material behaviour very challenging, limiting its application within the aerospace industry. Even though Ti54M has been commercially available for over 10 years, further studies of its mechanical and superplastic properties are still required with the aim of assessing its applicability within the aerospace industry as a replacement for other commercial titanium alloys. Therefore, in this work a study of the mechanical and superplastic properties of Ti54M, in comparison with other commercial titanium alloys used in the aerospace industry - i.e. Ti-6AL-4V, and Ti-6-2-4-2 - is presented. The final objective of this study, carried out at the Advanced Forming Research Centre (AFRC, University of Strathclyde, UK), is to obtain material data to calibrate and validate a model capable of estimating the behaviour and grain size evolution of titanium alloys at superplastic conditions.

来源:出处:《Superplasticity in Advanced Materials: Selected, peer reviewed papers from the 13th International Conference on Superplasticity in Advanced Materials (ICSAM 2018), August 19-22, 2018, St. Petersburg, Russia》年:2018 419423 总页数:5会议:International Conference on Superplasticity in Advanced Materials  举办地:St. Petersburg 日期:2018-08-19 届次:13th语种:英语分类号:TB3-53ISBN9783035713459




标题:NASA studying ways to accelerate development of SLS


简介:WASHINGTON — A day after Vice President Mike Pence directed NASA to return humans to the surface of the moon by 2024, NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine told members of Congress that this goal was “very aggressive” and would require additional funding for the agency to achieve.

Bridenstine, testifying before the commerce, justice and science subcommittee of the House Appropriations Committee March 27, also said the agency was studying ways to accelerate development of the Space Launch System, but couldn’t guarantee that the vehicle would be ready for a first flight in the middle of 2020.

The hearing on the agency’s fiscal year 2020 budget request was scheduled prior to the March 26 meeting of the National Space Council in Huntsville, Alabama, where Pence directed NASA to accelerate its human space exploration plans to land humans at the south pole of the moon within five years. Bridenstine, who was at the meeting, endorsed the plan and said it would make continued use of the SLS, backing away from proposals two weeks earlier to consider using commercial launch vehicles for the Exploration Mission (EM) 1 flight of Orion in mid-2020.

来源:March 27, 2019




标题:Research on Quality Control of Digital Production Lines in Aviation Enterprises


简介:Focusing on the requirements of efficient quality control of digital production lines in aviation enterprises, the framework quality control system of digital production lines were studied in this paper. First, the quality date categories of digital production lines were sorted out, a multi-source quality data acquisition scheme was proposed,. Second, the importance of key quality characteristics in quality control was discussed as well as a solution to find key quality features was established. Again, a multi-channel statistical quality control framework was constructed and a detailed implementation process was proposed. Finally, a digital production line quality control prototype system was designed and developed and validated in an aviation manufacturing enterprise.

来源:MATEC Web of Conferences》年:2018,175





标题:An approach to determine the minimum specific fuel consumption and engine economical operation curve model

参考译名: 一种确定降低发动机油耗保证经济运行的曲线模型方法

简介:An approach to determine the diesel engine minimum specific fuel consumption for a given engine power, and economic operation curve model is presented. The approach is based on experimentally obtained data on the specific fuel consumption and engine power. The specific fuel consumption experimental data obtained by engine manufacturer are approximated by a third order polynomial fit which is a function of an engine effective pressure and number of revolutions. The minimum specific fuel consumption is defined by the contact points of the constant specific fuel consumption curves and the curves of constant engine power. Based on the coordinates of the points, analytically obtained for given power values, engine economic operation curve model is defined. Economic operation curve enables a significant simplification of operation regime regulation according to the criteria of the highest economy. The method is demonstrated using the experimental data of the IMR S44/V diesel engine. (C) 2018 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

来源:刊名《Measurement》年:2019,132 303308 总页数:6 ISSN0263-2241





标题:A comparative study of conventional rolling mills and endless rolling mills


简介:The effect of stress release on the shape and deformation of strip between stands are rarely considered or quantified in the traditional strip shape model. In order to make up this deficiency, a high precision shape model is established by the mechanism of the strip shape forming and the deformation of roll system in this paper. Special concentration is placed on the effect of roll wear, roll thermal expansion, metal transverse flow and stress release on the shape. In addition, a tolerance factor which is used to describe the attenuation and tolerance abilities of each stand for longitudinal strain difference is proposed as a foundation for a presetting strategy. Compared to the traditional presetting strategies using the empirical coefficient or Shohet theory, the presetting strategy on the basis of the tolerance factor can better play the control ability of each stand. A systematical description of the presetting strategy and the modeling process of the high precision shape model is given in the present study. The calculated results agree well with experiments, and the actual production data show that the shape model has satisfactory accuracy.

来源:刊名《Arab Steel》年:2018(TN.493/494) 3233 分类号:TF ISSN0253-5866