标题:Application of Tailor Heat Treated Blanks technology in a joining by forming process


简介:The usage of modern materials in the automotive industry for the body in white construction leads to increasing requirements for the manufacturing process. Due to the limited formability of high-strength aluminium alloys and steels, joining by forming of these dissimilar materials is still a big challenge, which requires suitable and innovative manufacturing technologies. In sheet forming processes the Tailor Heat Treated Blank (THTB) technology allows enhancing the formability of high-strength aluminium alloys. Therefore, the applicability of the THTB technology for the shear-clinching technology is investigated in this paper. Up till now, this innovative joining by forming technology is only qualified to join ductile aluminium alloys and high-strength steels, but the combination of high-strength aluminium and high-strength steel has not been realized yet. In this research work, the limits of the shear-clinching process have been extended to successfully join the material combinations of AA7075 on the punch side and HCT780X, as well as press hardened 22MnB5 on the die side by using aluminium specimens with different heat treatment layouts. Further, this paper shows the possibility to adjust the material flow of the shear-clinching process by local and short-term heat treatment.

来源:刊名《Journal of Materials Processing Technology》年:2019,264 259272 总页数:14 语种:英语 分类号:TG50; TB3 ISSN0924-0136




标题:Addressing Uncertainties in Complex Manufacturing Environments: A Multidisciplinary Approach


简介:With the introduction of intelligent and autonomous systems into factory environments, workplaces where human employees work alongside digital counterparts will become increasingly informational. We develop a generic framework for hypothetical workplaces to investigate how complexities create to uncertainties. Complexity may be explained through the Level of Abstractions used to model a system, and it is encountered in its dynamic form as an alteration of information flow between agents in a phenomenological relationship. Analyzing these systems as 'information flows' brings to light the uncertainity(ies) the workers of the future will have to cope with. We develop first concepts that can be used to develop heuristics to manage these uncertainties in complex manufacturing environments. These heuristics may also be useful in creating optimized workplaces that combine the individual abilities of both humans and machines. The framework proposed in this paper may be subject for an empirical validation of these heuristics in the future.

来源:Advances in Manufacturing, Production Management and Process Control :》 年:2019 103114 总页数:12




标题:How intelligent scanning could unlock value in smart manufacturing


简介:It’s unclear exactly what shape the car of tomorrow will take, but one thing seems fairly certain: from a technology standpoint, it will be far more complex and intricate than what we know now—and what we know now is already very complex. Quality and fault checking systems in the manufacturing process will be put under greater strain than before, particularly in the age of autonomous vehicles when automakers are likely to assume greater degrees of a liability should something go wrong on the road.

来源:AW  2019/04/12






标题:New Trends to Improve the Raw Materials of Automotive Parts/Spare Parts


简介:The automotive industry is one of the important industries which affected by raw materials of parts/spare parts. This work is applied research on the automotive products, such as main parts, and spare parts. The automotive products meet lot of problems, which come from certain causes such as environmental conditions. This work faces these problems and solves it, by taking some actions. Selecting raw materials which represent main causes of the problems and treatment it. This work uses analytical tool (Root - Cause Effect) to find out the root causes. Also, this work used new trends to improve the performance of raw material which uses in manufacturing of products such chemical treatment.

来源:【刊名】:American Journal of Mechanics and ApplicationsISSN】:2376-6115EISSN】:2376-6131【语种】:eng【出版信息】:2018 Vol.6 No.1






标题:3D Printing Trends Q1 2019


简介:3D printing is growing. The most significant change in 2018 was the evolution of our perception of the technology. 3D printing isn’t just for prototyping anymore; Additive is now a viable method of manufacturing.

? 3D printing is making steps towards manufacturing.

? Prototyping is still the primary application.

? Knowledge is currently the main barrier.

? Online 3D printing is driven by professional users.

? 3D printing is only a part of the solution.





标题:3D printed molds help to insulate NASA's supersize Space Launch System


简介:To keep rockets from getting too hot during the extreme temperatures of launch, insulation is essential — but it's not always easy to fit it into a spacecraft's cramped machinery. Thanks to 3D printing, engineers working on NASA's Space Launch System are creating custom molds that make insulating foam a perfect fit.

来源:Apr 18, 2019  www.3ders.org




标题:BMBF project IDAM to enable metallic 3D printing in automotive series production


简介:On March 27, 2019, the joint project IDAM held its kick-off meeting in Munich, which was intended to lead the way for furthering the use of AM processes in automotive series production. The project partners, including 11 leading industry stakeholders and SMEs, are eager to transfer metallic 3D printing into an industrialized and highly automated series process for the automotive industry.

来源:Apr 17, 2019  www.3ders.org




标题:Poietis granted third European patent for laser-assisted 3D bioprinting technology


简介:French biotechnology company Poietis has announced the granting of a third patent for its laser-assisted 3D bioprinting technology.

"We were the first to explore the industrial potenfial of laser assisted bioprinting technology in various applications. The granting of this series of European patents further supports Poiefis’ position in the field of 3D bio-printing," stated Fabien Guillemot, President and CEO of Poietis.

Based on its expertise in bioprinting technologies and in particular high resolution laser bioprinting, Poietis has also developed the multimodal bioprinting platform NGB (Next Generation Bioprinting). The NGB platform aims to give tissue engineers and researchers greater freedom in the choice of biomaterials and hydrogels. Winner of the 2014 ILab Contest (French National Competition for Innovative start-up Creation of the Ministry of Research, Creation-Development category) and the 2016 Worldwide Innovation Contest, Poietis' laser-assisted 3D bioprinting technology us initially developed at the INSERM and Bordeaux University. The laser-assisted bioprinting technology can position cells in 3D with extremely high cellular resolution (on the order of ten microns) and cellular viability (over 95%).

来源:Apr 17, 2019  www.3ders.org




标题:Multimaterial actinic spatial control 3D and 4D printing


简介:Production of objects with varied mechanical properties is challenging for current manufacturing methods. Additive manufacturing could make these multimaterial objects possible, but methods able to achieve multimaterial control along all three axes of printing are limited. Here we report a multi-wavelength method of vat photopolymerization that provides chemoselective wavelength-control over material composition utilizing multimaterial actinic spatial control (MASC) during additive manufacturing. The multicomponent photoresins include acrylate- and epoxide-based monomers with corresponding radical and cationic initiators. Under long wavelength (visible) irradiation, preferential curing of acrylate components is observed. Under short wavelength (UV) irradiation, a combination of acrylate and epoxide components are incorporated. This enables production of multimaterial parts containing stiff epoxide networks contrasted against soft hydrogels and organogels. Variation in MASC formulation drastically changes the mechanical properties of printed samples. Samples printed using different MASC formulations have spatially-controlled chemical heterogeneity, mechanical anisotropy, and spatially-controlled swelling that facilitates 4D printing.

来源:Published: 15 February 2019 Nature Communicationsvolume 10, Article number: 791 (2019)






标题:GE launches IIoT subsidiary


简介:The US technology conglomerate launched a new, independently-operated, wholly-owned subsidiary focused on building a comprehensive Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) software portfolio for the power, renewables, aviation, oil and gas, food and beverage, chemicals, consumer packaged goods, and mining industries. The new company will bring together GE Digital's industry-leading IIoT solutions, including the Predix platform, Asset Performance Management, Historian, Automation (HMI/SCADA) Manufacturing Execution Systems, Operations Performance Management, and the GE Power Digital and Grid Software Solutions businesses. GE said the new company will start with $1.2B/y in software revenue.

来源:刊名《Worldwide Refining Business Digest: The Fast-read Comprehensive Newaletter for Busy Professionals Working in the Refining Industry》年:2019(Jan.) 132132 总页数:1

语种:英语 分类号:TE6 ISSN1077-4831






标题:April 2019 Manufacturing Business Outlook Survey

参考译名: 美国制造业20194月展望

简介:Regional manufacturing activity continued to grow in April, according to results from this month’s Manufacturing Business Outlook Survey. Although the survey’s indicators for general activity and shipments fell from their readings last month, the indicators for new orders, employment, and the workweek improved. The survey’s indexes for future activity and employment continued to moderate, but the surveyed firms remained generally optimistic about growth over the next six months.

来源:美联储 2019/04/11




标题:How Small to Medium Manufacturers Can Compete in the Global Market


简介:Reshoring is a hot topic in the United States. Politically charged, the practice promises an increase in jobs for workers, profits for manufacturers and a revival of the ‘Made in the United States’ movement. Small- to medium-sized manufacturers can prepare for a manufacturing resurgence, driven by reshoring and regulatory changes. Reshoring is the transferring of a business operation that was moved overseas, back to the country it originated in. In this case, United States manufacturers are bringing their services home from other manufacturing economies, such as Asia. But, what’s driving this change?

来源:美国制造业网M.NET  2019/04/26




标题:DOE to award nearly $5.2M for High Performance Computing for Energy Innovation; manufacturing, materials and mobility


简介:The US Department of Energy (DOE) has announced nearly $5.2 million for a new solicitation (FBO423-19) under the High Performance Computing for Energy Innovation (HPC4EI) Initiative, the umbrella program for the HPC4Manufacturing (HPC4Mfg), HPC4Materials (HPC4Mtls), and HPC4Mobility programs.The new funding opportunity seeks qualified industry partners to work collaboratively with DOE’s national laboratories on projects that use High Performance Computing (HPC) to solve key technical challenges. These technical challenges include development and optimization of modeling and simulation codes, porting and scaling of applications, application of data analytics, and applied research and development of tools or methods. There will be three areas of focus.

来源:Green Car Congress




标题:Siemens to be integration partner for Volkswagen Industrial Cloud


简介:The Siemens technology group will be the integration partner for the Volkswagen Industrial Cloud. (Earlier post.) Volkswagen and Amazon Web Services (AWS) earlier this week announced the development of the Industrial Cloud; in the future, the Volkswagen Industrial Cloud will combine the data of all machines, plants and systems from all 122 facilities of the Volkswagen Group.

来源:Green Car Congress






《纽约时报》查阅了数百页的内部电子邮件、公司文件和联邦记录,并对十几名现任和前任员工进行了采访,揭示出一个经常把速度放在质量之上的文化。面对长期的生产耽搁,波音敦促全体员工高速生产梦想客机,有时无视员工提出的问题。对这种疯狂速度的抱怨,与外界在另一个型号的波音737 Max客机发生两起致命坠机事故之后对公司更广泛的担忧相呼应。波音现在面临的问题包括,为了推出Max机型、赶上竞争对手空中客车(Airbus),是否导致了公司忽视设计上的安全风险,比如在两起坠机事故中都起了作用的防失速系统。







标题:Lunar base and Gateway part of sustainable long-term human exploration plan


简介:WASHINGTON — As NASA works to develop a plan for an accelerated human return to the moon, a top White House official emphasized the need for long-term sustainability that will require both a Gateway and a lunar base.

来源:spacenews  April 23, 2019




标题:SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft suffers anomaly during ground tests


简介:WASHINGTON — A SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft suffered what the company said was an “anomaly” during static fire tests of its abort engines April 20, dealing a setback to the company’s plans to fly a crewed test flight later this year.

来源:spacenews  April 20, 2019




标题:Research on Temperature Control Technology of Thermal Vacuum Test in Aerospace Field


简介:The temperature control system is an indispensable key system for the thermal vacuum test. It is used to simulate the infrared heat flow environment of the spacecraft in orbit. In order to improve the stability and reliability of temperature control, this paper designs and develops a thermal vacuum test temperature control system based on the Modbus RTU serial communication protocol on the LabVIEW platform. The system combines the flexibility of software development on LabVIEW platform and combines the stability of serial communication with controller. This temperature control system has been used in thermal vacuum test, the control effect of overshooting within 1°C and temperature control accuracy within ±0.2°C. The system has high stability, which achieves the expected goal.

来源:【刊名】:MATEC Web of ConferencesEISSN】:2261-236X【语种】:eng【出版信息】:2018 Vol.232【起止页】:5




标题:Transfer Analysis of Human Engineering Skills for Adaptive Robotic Additive Manufacturing in the Aerospace Repair and Overhaul Industry


简介:The desire for smart "lights out factories" which can autonomously produce components for high value manufacturing industries is described by the Industry 4.0 solution. This manufacturing methodology is appropriate for newly designed components, which take advantage of modern materials, robotic and automation processes, but not necessarily applicable to overhaul and repair. The aerospace overhaul and repair industry remains heavily dependent on human engineering skills to develop repair and re-manufacturing techniques for complex components of high value. Development of any advanced, intelligent multi-agent robotic additive remanufacturing system requires correct interrogation of metallic materials thermal properties, system control and output. Advanced programming of robots, data interpretation from associated sensory and feedback systems are required to mirror human input. Using process analysis to determine stimuli, replacement of human sensory receptors with electronic sensors, vision systems and high-speed data acquisition and control systems allows for the intelligent fine tuning of multiple heat input parameters to deposit the additive material at any one time. The interaction of these key components combined with novel robotic technology and experienced welding engineers has made possible the construction of a disruptive robotic re-manufacturing technology. This paper demonstrates the design process and analyses the outputs sourced from observation and the recording of highly skilled human engineers when conducting manual remanufacturing and repair techniques. This data is then mined for the transferable control input parameters required to replicate and improve human performance. This industry-academia research intensive collaboration between VBC Instrument Engineering Limited (UK) and The University of Sheffield has received project funding from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC, 2006-2010), the Science and Facilities Technology

来源:Advances in Manufacturing, Production Management and Process Control :》年:2019 312 总页数:10






标题:Comparative and Exergetic Study of a Gas Turbine System with Inlet Air Cooling


简介:The efficiency of the combined cycle is significantly influenced by the temperature, pressure and humidity of the ambient air. The aim of this study is to investigate the influence of the inlet air cooling system (fogging cooling system) on the gas turbine performance by energy and exergy analyses. Energy and exergy analysis was carried out for nine cases based on the operation data of a gas turbine. Performance parameters include fuel consumption, specific fuel consumption, thermal efficiency, net power output, exergetic efficiency and exergy destruction rates of the components for the cases. It is concluded that the net power output of the gas-turbine system increases at lower inlet air temperatures, and based on the mean values, exergetic efficiency and exergy destruction ratio were found as 37.35% and 33.02%, respectively.

来源:【刊名】:Technical GazetteISSN】:1330-3651EISSN】:1848-6339【语种】:eng

【出版信息】:2018 Vol.25 No.2 Suppl.




标题:Study suggests some filtering of particulates from diesel exhaust may worsen allergy-induced lung impairment due to increase in NO2


简介:Air pollution from diesel engines may worsen allergy-induced lung impairment more when tiny particles are filtered from the exhaust than when they are not, according to new research published online in the American Thoracic Society’s American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine.This counter-intuitive result may be due to the fact that some particle-depletion technologies, including the one used by the researchers, increase the amount of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) in the exhaust. NO2, which is subject to national air quality standards, has been shown to reduce lung function and may be a cause of asthma in children.

来源:Green Car Congress12 April 2019




标题:Impact of Updated Service Life Estimates on Harbor Craft and Switcher Locomotive Emission Forecasts and Cost-Effectiveness


简介:DTF and EDF’s new report, “Impact of Updated Service Life Estimates on Harbor Craft and Switcher Locomotive Emission Forecasts and Cost-Effectiveness”, completed by Ramboll Environ, found the average Category 2 workboat remains in service for 50 years, instead of the 23-year lifespan estimated by the EPA in the 2008 Heavy Duty Locomotive and Marine Rule. A longer service life reduces the fleet’s turnover rate to cleaner, lower-emitting engines, therefore increasing future-year emission estimates.

来源:the Diesel Technology Forum (DTF) and Environmental Defense Fund (EDF)March 2019