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标题:The Idea of "Industry 4.0" in Car Production Factories


简介:This article is covering the topic of Industry 4.0 which is a name for the new trend of production automation and data exchange in manufacturing systems. The history of industrial revolutions is shortly sketched in the beginning. Then the term "Industry 4.0" and its area of influence is presented. The different solutions used in Industry 4.0 factory are described focusing on the methods important for car production; these methods are then shortly explained and illustrated. The idea of smart factory for a car producing sector is presented. Finally the most important disadvantage of Industry 4.0 is discussed; which is the wide open access to Internet requirement that may be dangerous for the company.

来源:出处:《Intelligent systems in production engineering and maintenance /》年:2019 597607 总页数:11

会议:International Conference on Intelligent Systems in Production Engineering and Maintenance  举办地:Wroclaw 日期:2018-09-17 届次:2ndISBN9783319974897




标题:Global Business Policy Council (GBPC)Research ReportYear-Ahead Predictions 2019


简介:The Global Business Policy Council makes 10 key predictions for 2019, all of which we believe will have important implications for the global business environment:

*         The US–China trade war will intensify.

*         Bitcoin will lead the consolidation and maturation of the cryptocurrency market.

*         The global trash crisis will spur innovations in waste management.

*         The global shipping industry will crash into new sulfur regulations.

*         The Xi–Putin relationship will be the world’s most consequential bromance.

*         The global anxiety epidemic will lead to a proliferation of new products.

*         A sand shortage will grind the gears of the global construction industry.

*         The looming emerging markets credit crisis will grow in both scale and scope.

*         Africa will be more connected than ever.

*         Real-life “Iron Man” will materialize in the form of exoskeletons.

来源: 01/30/2019  RIA




标题:Survey: Number of New Manufacturing Businesses in Decline


简介:In a recent study from Swyft Filings, the manufacturing industry showed a decent amount of new business growth, coming in 14th in the rankings across industries. Manufacturing business formation growth saw a 5.8 percent drop in 2018, compared to a year-over-year increase of 38.3 percent from 2016 to 2017. The report suggests that this drop comes from a growing gap between larger and smaller companies. Larger companies can more easily expand their portfolios by purchasing smaller businesses or building new or larger facilities, while smaller companies compete to stay relevant as the larger ones expand. According to the report, demand for equipment needed for industrial activities is only increasing, including in the construction and oil and gas industries, but the larger companies that can cover the full spectrum of products needed for these operations push smaller companies out.

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标题:Machine Monitoring: The Strategy to Achieve Exponential Efficiency Gains


简介:Since the industrial revolution, manufacturers have been churning out goods which have bettered the livelihoods of billions of people. Machines have been fed raw material and transformed them into finished goods hundreds or thousands of times more valuable. The engine of society has hummed along; manufacturing powered the transformation of mankind’s way of living the last few centuries.

来源:IW Mar 03, 2019




标题:The Use of Virtual Manufacturing Features in forward Manufacturing Process Planning


简介:CAPP system is the missing link between CAD/CAM system. Two types of operation of CAPP systems can be distinguished. The first one is the backward process planning, where the part is transformed from its ready state to the stock state. The second method is the forward planning, where the stock is transformed into the finished part. Backward process planning allow for the greater degree of automation, but is difficult for the acceptation among the industrial users. One of the problem in the forward process planning is the necessity to use the manufacturing features which do not occur in the finished part, they occur only in the part intermediate states. The paper propose so called virtual manufacturing features to solve this problem.

来源:【刊名】:MATEC Web of ConferencesEISSN】:2261-236X【出版信息】:2018 Vol.167




标题:Virtual machining system simulator: analysis of machine tool accuracy


简介:This paper presents a novel Virtual Machining System Simulator (VMSS) which quantifies and visualizes the effect of machine tool errors under quasi-static load conditions on the machine tool’s accuracy. The VMSS is a generalized machine tool model that incorporates geometric errors and static loads to simulate the interaction between the machine tool structure and the cutting process. The errors are captured and described through the synthesis of bottom-up and top-down model building approaches. The paper presents ideas how to utilize the information from the VMSS to improve the process capability and discusses challenges to realise a fully digitized model.

来源:《Procedia Manufacturing》年:2018,25 338343 




标题:Bilfinger UK: Making digitalisation a reality in the process industry

参考译名: Bilfinger UK:在工业制造过程中实现数字化

简介:Widely regarded as the next industrial revolution, industry 4.0 and digitalisation are providing the opportunity for unprecedented levels of connectivity between systems at all levels of our operations. This brings with it the potential to unlock whole new levels of productivity on our facilities. So how do process operators introduce digital monitoring, analysis and control? Mark Kelly, head of digital and innovation at Bilfinger UK, explains.

来源:全球制造业杂志  2019/03/16





标题:Autonomous Mobile Robots Is One of the Fastest Growing Markets ARC Has Ever Researched


简介:Autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) are a form of automatic guided vehicles (AGVs) that can be implemented without any supporting infrastructure like markers or wires or magnets implanted in the floor or precisely located laser targets.There are two types of autonomous mobile robots, solutions based on fleet management and solutions that rely on picking optimization. Fleet management solutions typically operate with bigger payloads and route the robots from an origin to a destination.  Pick optimization robots integrate the movement of machines and people in a process flow designed to increase picking throughput.This is one of the fastest growing hardware markets ARC has ever encountered.  The growth is fueled by the difficulty in hiring workers that want to work in warehouses or factories in North America and Europe, the increased flexibility of these solutions, the boom in ecommerce, and significant venture capital investments in many of the suppliers in this market.

来源:ARC March 8, 2019





标题:Technological Assurance of Complex Parts Manufacturing

参考译名: 金属切削中汽车复杂零部件的技术性保障

简介:The ways of intensification of machining complex parts of vehicles on the modern metal-cutting equipment were described. The classification of parts such as levers was developed on the basis of design and technological features. Based on the developed classification the structural code that allows to encode any lever design was proposed. The structural code can be used in computer-aided fixture design and in information retrieval systems for selecting optimal fixture for levers. The reasonability of intensification of parts machining such as levers was substantiated, the typical manufacturing process was analyzed, and opportunities for optimization subject to current trends in machining and technological capabilities of modern equipment were identified. The adjustable locating-and-clamping module characterized by high level of flexibility was proposed for CNC multiaxis machining operation. Comparative analysis of manufacturing processes by labor content, quantity of fixtures and machine tools, number of setups, and production area was performed.

来源:会议录《Advances in Design, Simulation and Manufacturing: Proceedings of the International Conference on Design, Simulation, Manufacturing: The Innovation Exchange, DSMIE-2018, June 12-15, 2018, Sumy, Ukraine 年:2019 5161 会议:International Conference on Design, Simulation, Manufacturing 会议日期:2018-06-12ISBN9783319935867




标题:Trends and Challenges of the New Mobility Society


简介:This article outlines market trends, customer needs and challenges that the automotive industry will face to achieve electric, autonomous and shared mobility: For the policy and automotive industry, the trend towards electrification seems to be agreed among stakeholders, however, there are still major challenges, for example, shortage of electricity, batteries and production equipment in some regions. The other topic is autonomous driving. According to a worldwide consumer survey conducted by NRI, the acceptance and needs of customers vary from society to society. The spread of shared mobility also depends on the maturity of the taxi industry. While the coming transformation will be significant and affect the global market, regional, cultural, social issues need to be considered.

来源:会议录《Advanced Microsystems for Automotive Applications 2018: Smart Systems for Clean, Safe and Shared Road Vehicles》年:2019 175182 会议:International Forum on Advanced Microsystems for Automotive Applications  举办地:Berlin 举办日期:2018-09-11 届次:22nd  ISBN9783319997612





标题:Additive Manufacturing Continues to Prove Promise of Custom-Fit Future


简介:For all the interest and headlines generated by additive manufacturing—more commonly known as 3D printing—it still represents a small percentage of all manufacturing operations. Traditional subtractive manufacturing methods such as CNC machining and injection molding produce the vast majority of all parts manufactured at scale. The benefits of on-demand customization for small batches of personalized consumer products is evident. But we’re now beginning to see additive manufacturing used on a much larger industrial scale. Clearly, there’s a growing level of confidence in additive manufacturing, and that will create opportunities across a variety of industries. Here are a few examples:

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标题:US army works with air force-invented steel alloy to 3D print ultra-strong steel parts


简介:At the U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command's Army Research Laboratory, materials manufacturing scientists are 3D printing intricate geometries with ultra-high-strength using air force-invented steel alloy.

来源:Mar 5 , 2019  www.3ders.org/




标题:Sweden to serve 3D printed food to elderly in care homes


简介:Swedish municipalities are planning to serve 3D printed food at care homes for the elderly. The municipalities hope to stimulate residents' appetites by making the 3D printed food look like the real thing.

来源:Mar 6 , 2019  www.3ders.org/




标题:Scientists develop 3D printed plastic-composite sensor capable of detecting changes in water


简介:A Spanish-Israeli team of scientists led by Pilar Amo-Ochoa from the Autonomous University of Madrid (UAM) has developed a versatile 3D printed plastic-composite sensor capable of detecting tiny amounts of water. The 3D printable material is non-toxic and changes its color from purple to blue in wet conditions.

来源:Mar 5 , 2019  www.3ders.org/





标题:Industrial Internet Consortium progress reports4Q-2018


简介:Industrial Internet Consortium progress reports keep members up-to-date on the work being accomplished on a quarterly basis. These updates involve various task and working group deliverables like publications and case studies, as well as the progress of testbeds. It also includes upcoming Industrial Internet Consortium events.Members gain experience they could never have as non-members. They experience member meetings unlike any local meet-up groups.

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标题:The US Needs an Industrial Policy for Growth

参考译名: 美媒IW:美国政府需要为制造业增长提供产业政策

简介:Free market economists have been very successful at convincing the public that free trade is good and protectionism is bad. The truth is that multinational corporations and their shareholders have done very well under the banner of free trade, but manufacturing, workers, communities and the middle class have not.

来源:美国工业周刊IW  2019/03/14




标题:2019 1st Quarter Manufacturers' Outlook Survey


简介:Empowered by tax reform and regulatory certainty, manufacturers are investing in our communities and in our people. Our latest Manufacturers’ Outlook Survey shows nine consecutive quarters of record optimism, with an average of 91.8 percent of manufacturers positive about their own company’s outlook over that time frame, compared to an average of 68.6 percent across the two years of 2015 and 2016. Manufacturers’ top concern remains the inability to attract and retain a quality workforce, and concerns about our nation’s crumbling infrastructure continue to rise.

来源:美国制造业协会  2019/03/05




标题:Domestic robots are coming in 2019 - why it's nothing to be afraid of


简介:The publication of Federico Pistono’s book, Robots Will Steal Your Job, But That’s OK, back in 2012 spawned a thousand think pieces, news headlines, and debates over what the future of robotics means for humans and the workplace.At a recent Future of Ageing Conference held by the think tank International Longevity Centre (ILC) in London, the topic was once again up for debate. Whilst the consensus is that the robots are coming, in fact many argue they’re already here, Caroline Waters, vice chair of the Equality and Human Rights Commission and vice president of Carers UK, made an interesting point in regards to the robotic effect on the labour market.

来源:IFR Monday 17 December 2018






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标题:JAXA and Toyota partner, focus on future lunar mobility


简介:Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency and Toyota Motor Corp. collaboration on space mobility and exploration is latest evidence of increased technology transfer and cooperation among aerospace and automotive industry players.Officials at the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) and Toyota Motor Corp. in Tokyo have taken a first step toward collaborating on international space exploration, having agreed to accelerate their ongoing joint study of a manned, pressurized rover powered by fuel cell technologies to enable lunar mobility.

International space exploration is centered on the moon and Mars, and requires coordination of unmanned missions, such as the recent touchdown by the asteroid probe Hayabusa2 on the asteroid Ryugu, and manned missions, such as those involving humans using pressurized rovers to conduct activities on the moon. When it comes to challenging missions, such as lunar or Martian exploration, various countries are competing to advance their technologies, but also advancing their cooperative efforts, officials affirm.

来源:SAE 2019-03-13




标题:Canada’s long-awaited space strategy emphasizes AI, EO and deep-space robotics


简介:The Canadian government unveiled Wednesday its long awaited national space strategy, focusing on artificial intelligence, deep-space robotic systems, Earth-observation capabilities and searching for new ventures with the European Space Agency.

来源:March 7, 2019    https://spacenews.com




标题:GTOC 9: results from the German Aerospace Center (team DLR)

参考译名:GTOC 9:德国航空航天中心(DLR团队)的成果

简介:This paper discusses the methods used by the team from the German Aerospace Center (DLR) for solving the 9th Global Trajectory Optimization Competition (GTOC) problem. The GTOC is an event taking place every year lasting roughly one month during which the best aerospace engineers and mathematicians world wide challenge themselves to solve a nearlyimpossible problem of interplenatery trajectory design.

来源:【刊名】:Acta FuturaEISSN】:2309-1940【语种】:eng【出版信息】:2018 No.11【起止页】: 71 - 77,7





标题:Investigation of exhaust flow and exergy fluctuations in a diesel engine


简介:In the present study, we investigated cyclic fluctuations of exhaust flow through measured variations in instantaneous pressure of the exhaust manifold and its implications on the exergy (the useful available energy) of exhaust flow of a single cylinder representation of a heavy-duty diesel engine over a range of operating conditions. The engine was operated at a speed of 1500 rpm and at loads of 2.5 bar and 5 bar brake mean effective pressure (BMEP) and different boost pressures (1.2 bar to 2.4 bar). Instantaneous exhaust pressures were measured over 1000 consecutive engine cycles by a piezoresistive exhaust sensor and instantaneous exhaust temperatures as well as mass flow rates were obtained by constructing GT-SUITE models. Cycle to cycle variations in magnitudes of maximum measured exhaust pressure, calculated exhaust temperature and phasing of the blow down to displacement transition were analyzed. Additionally, cyclic variability in exhaust exergy components, i.e., thermal and mechanical exergies were estimated. The results show that the magnitude of the maximum exhaust pressure increased at higher engine load (i.e., from the average values of 1.63 bar to 2.00 bar at 2.5 bar BMEP to the average values of 1.78 bar to 2.16 bar at 5 bar BMEP). Also, the crank-resolved ensemble exergy rate in the exhaust process was higher at higher engine load and the return maps of the cumulative exergy at both engine loads exhibited a stochastic pattern. Furthermore, the mechanical component of exergy in the exhaust process had lower variations in comparison to the thermal component of exergy at both engine loads.

来源:刊名《Applied thermal engineering: Design, processes, equipment, economics》年:2019,147 856865 总页数:10分类号:TK1; TK12 ISSN1359-4311